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The tutorials present information more detailed than the Practical Police Photography text. and will help you get up to speed in a hurry.

General Photography Links
Evidence Photography Links

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Standard Textbooks

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Outdoor Crime Scene Daylight Slide Show - download to view
Outdoor Crime Scene Night Slide Show - download to view
Indoor Crime Scene Slide Show - download to view
Vehicle Crime Scenes Night Slide Show - pending
Faststone Slide Show Demo - download to view

Run and Gun Photography
Exposure  Basics
Understanding Depth of Field
Non-Destructive Faststone Workflow 
Faststone Slide Show Creator
EXIF Metadata
Ensuring PC Data Integrity
Legal Considerations
Nikon D7000 Ten Lens Test
The "Normal" Lens
Perspective Distortion
Documenting Photographic Evidence
Presenting Photographic Evidence
Closeup Photography Simplified

Panoramas Simplified
Photogrammetry Simplified
Demonstrating UV Fluorescence
UV For Arson Investigations 
UV/IR Contusion Enhancement
Department of Justice Equipment List

On-Line Forensic Training  - NFSTC (Paid)
On-Line Photographic Training - Steele Training (Free and Paid)

Packing Pistol Loads - For The Pistol-Packing Outdoorsman