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Practical Police Photography  is a 280 page ebook covering everything that an entry level police photographer or  forensic science student needs to know, with   links to many sites providing additional information.  Practical Police Photography  is updated annually.  Use the Acrobat Reader's "find" function (Ctrl + f) in lieu of an index.

Click HERE to preview the table of contents, three  sample chapters, a basic  exercise based on the first eighty pages and an advanced exercise  based  on the contents of the entire book.

Click HERE to purchase the updated  2016 edition.  $24.95 USD - PayPal and credit cards OK.

Practical Police Photography Lite is a new 80 page ebook distilled from the full text for DLSR photographers aleady familiar with legal  issues and crime scene processing procedures.  It includes  new material and illustrations.

Click HERE to preview the table of contents, the first ten pages and a practice exercise.

Click HERE to  purchase the new 2016 edition, $19.95 USD - PayPal and Credit Cards OK.