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Practical Police Photography is a PDF e-book covering everything that an entry level police photographer or a first year forensic science student needs to know, with embedded  links to hundreds of  sites providing additional information on advanced subjects.  Unlike printed textbooks, the e-book is updated annually to keep pace with new products and procedures.  Use the Acrobat Reader's "find" function (Ctrl + f) in lieu of an index.  Contact the author for information on the discounts available to schools and law enforcement agencies.

Click HERE to preview the table of contents and five sample chapters.

Click HERE to preview 70 sample test questions and 35 sample homework assignments based on the book and links embedded within the book.

Click HERE to download the 303 page 2015 edition.  $29.95 USD - PayPal and credit cards OK.

Click HERE to order the spiral-bound hardcover edition from http://www.letrg.com.  The letrg graphics mention the 2012 edition but they're shipping the current 2015 edition.

Practical Police Photography is copyrighted material, the intellectual property of the author.  The PDF file is not copy-protected.  You can install your legally purchased copy on your desktop, your laptop and any other digital device that you own that can  display a PDF file.  DO NOT SHARE your copy with your friends and fellow students.  Let them buy their own.  Sharing copyrighted material LICENSED to the original purchaser is THEFT.

This is a 26 MB download at full printable quality.  If you don't have a high speed Internet connection, call the  author to order a CD.

Click HERE to download the free Adobe Reader for Windows or Mac.

If you're on a Windows machine, the download will go into your My Documents/Downloads folder.  You might want to move it a permanent home in a Practical Police Photography folder and create a desktop shortcut.