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Practical Police Photography is a 315 page ebook covering everything that an entry level police photographer or forensic science student might need or want to know, with links to many  sites providing  additional information.

The text was completely revised for 2017.   Practical Police Photography can be used as a standalone teaching tool, as an entry-level evidence photography textbook or as a prerequisite for crime scene and accident investigation courses which assume that the student already knows something about evidence photography.

Click HERE to preview the Practical Police Photography 2017 table of contents and seven sample chapters.

Click HERE to purchase the Practical Police Photography 2017 edition.  $24.95 USD.

Click HERE for a license to distribute up to twenty-five e-copies of  the Practical Police Photography 2017 edition.  $499.00 USD.  This works out to $19.96 per e-copy and comes with a perfect-bound instructors copy at no extra charge.  

Contact the author if you,  your school or your department are interested in purchasing a perfect-bound printed edition for $49.95 postpaid.  The illustrations are monochrome and you'll have to refer to  the included ebook on a CD for the active links embedded in the text. 

I will be glad to provide a written critique of photos taken in connection with the practical exercises described on  page 314 in accordance with the standards explained on page 315 for $50.00 for  twenty color JPEGs reduced to 2048 x 1362 pixels plus $2.50 for each additional JPEG.  2048 x 1362 is a standard size the that can be viewed full frame on a high resolution  27" monitor with sufficient detail to evaluate critical focus and exposure.

If you  need multiple CDs, label them 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and so forth.  Be sure to include the full EXIF table with each JPEG.  At least ten  photos should be large outdoor scenes photographed at night using flash and time exposures.  Burn the photos that you want critiqued to a CD or DVD labeled with your name and email address. Verify that the photos and EXIF tables on your CD can be opened and viewed in Faststone, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.   Contact the author for payment  and shipping instructions.