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Practical Police Photography  is a 280 page ebook covering everything that an entry level police photographer or  forensic science student needs to know, with links to many sites providing additional information.   Use the Acrobat Reader's "find" function in lieu of an index.  PPPis a printable PDF file.  You can expect to pay around $35.00 for a spiral-bound monochrome copy at most print shops.  I print my copies on durable 28 pound bond on a Brother L2320D monochrome laser.

Click HERE to preview the Practical Police Photography table of contents and three  sample chapters.

Click HERE to purchase the Practical Police Photography 2016 edition.  $24.95 USD.

Free slide shows supporting the text at 1366x768 resolution for laptops can be downloaded from the Tutorials page.   Instructors using Practical Police Photography  can request free slide shows  at 1920x1080 resolution for classroom projectors and HDTV displays.  Due to file size restrictions, these will have to be sent out via an FTP service or mailed on a CD.