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Practical Police Photography is a 312 page ebook covering everything that an entry level police photographer or forensic science student  needs  to know, with active links to many sites providing  additional information.

Practical Police Photography, revised annually, can be used as a standalone reference or as a primer for crime scene and accident investigation courses which assume that the student already knows something about photography.

Click HERE to preview the Practical Police Photography 2017 table of contents and five sample chapters.

Click HERE to purchase the Practical Police Photography 2017 edition.  $19.95 USD.

Shoot me an email at with a daytime phone number if you want to purchase  printed copies of Practical Police Photography in color on premium glossy paper.  Allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.   $69.95 USD each postpaid.

Click HERE to download a FREE forty  page PDF copy of  Packing Pistol Loads that covers  everything that I've learned as an outdoorsman about reloading for magnum revolvers since 1959.