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Practical Police Photography is a 315 page ebook covering everything that an entry level police photographer or forensic science student  needs  to know, with embedded links to many  sites providing  additional information.

The text was completely revised for 2017.   Practical Police Photography can be used as a standalone teaching tool, as an evidence photography textbook or as a primer for crime scene and accident investigation courses which assume that the student already knows something about photography.

Click HERE to preview the Practical Police Photography 2017 table of contents and seven sample chapters.

Click HERE to purchase the Practical Police Photography 2017 edition.  $24.95 USD.

Click HERE for a license to distribute up to twenty-five e-copies of  the Practical Police Photography 2017 edition.  $499.00 USD.  This works out to $19.96 per e-copy.

Shoot me an email at with a daytime phone number if you want to purchase a printed copy of Practical Police Photography in color on premium glossy paper.   $59.95 USD postpaid for individuals, $39.95 for instructors using the ebook in a classroom setting.  I can take your credit card information and ship-to address over the phone.

If you're an outdoorsman living in bear country, click HERE to download a FREE fifty-two page PDF of copy of my mini-ebook, Packing Pistol Loads, that covers  everything that I've learned about reloading for magnum revolvers in sixty years.