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Practical Police Photography is a 314 page ebookcovering everything that an entry level police photographer needs to know, with links to many  sites providing  additional information.    The text was completely revised for 2017 with new illustrations.  Practical Police Photographyis also available as a perfect-bound  book with B&W illustrations.   The same basic information is available as the  Basic Evidence Photography  from The LEL course includes a letter critique of the practical exercises.

Click HERE to preview the Practical Police Photography 2017 table of contents and six sample chapters.

Click HERE to purchase the Practical Police Photography 2017 edition.  $24.95 USD.

Click HERE to purchase the printed edition along with the ebook on a CD.  $49.95 USD postpaid.   Coming in January 2017.  

Click HERE to purchase the Basic Evidence Photography distance learning course from Law Enforcement Learning.  $150.00 USD